August 7, 2020

Fashion Friday: Where I Shop for Emma

image by Sara Grayson // Henry’s sweater is Cygnet Living (Emma has one too with her name but she needs to grow a bit more- love this brand!) // Emma’s bubble (similar) & bow

I’ve had a few requests for a baby girl fashion post– and to be honest, I learned with Henry that buying really expensive stuff for babies is really dumb. They wear them MAYBE once, and then outgrow them. It’s hard NOT to, but it really is painful to see some of the incredible things I spent money on for Henry go into the hand me down/ donation bins. So with Emma, yes, I probably will splurge on some silly things, but for the most part I find insanely cute stuff on affordable sites you already probably shop at. So here are some finds from my most-frequented sites:

H&M is probably my #1– the quality is so good for the price, and they have the BEST ONESIES HANDS DOWN (most organic cotton too). They also have great toddler stuff for Henry so I shop here all the time. (Click images for links)

Maisonette is my fave “splurge” shop and where I look for baby gifts most often. They have have some of my fave “fancy” brands like Egg, Pink Chicken, Petite Plume and Roberta Rollerabbit. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I have found some seriously cute and stylish stuff at Oshkosh and Carter’s! I always think of them as the purveyor of icky “Daddy’s Little Princess” printed items, but really they have upped their game BIG TIME. (Click images for links)

Zara is another affordable but super stylish spot, more in the “hipster baby” vein. Simple but chic styles at good prices. (Links at bottom). Gap and Old Navy are a classic source with great sales all the time. (Click images for links)

ZARA LINKS: sweater // striped shirt // green jacket // shoes // diaper cover // leggings



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