September 2, 2020

Updated Hardware Round Up + Tips!

We’ve gotten some requests for an updated hardware round up, so that’s what I’m bringing you today. :)  When it comes to kitchen and bath hardware, I prefer to stick to relatively classic knobs and pulls, in either an antique/satin brass or polished nickel. I much prefer round knobs to any other shape, and pulls that are streamlined and free of too much decoration. And yes, you CAN mix metals in a home. In my kitchen I have a polished nickel faucet and satin brass hardware and lighting- it looks totally fine! In a bathroom you can do the same – just make sure that you balance out the tones. For example, if you have all nickel plumbing fixtures but want to use brass hardware, repeat that brass finish on another plane- like the lighting (or even by adding art with a gold frame). You want it to feel purposeful, not random.

In terms of my favorite finishes, I do think brass is here to stay (satin, antique and unlacquered – still a hard no on polished brass for me). And I do still love polished nickel (but no thanks to satin nickel). Chrome is ok, but lacks the warmth of polished nickel. Matte black looks great in modern applications, especially in places like country/mountain homes. I’ve never been a fan of bronze/brown finishes personally, but have seen them work in certain homes.

When picking cabinet knobs and pulls for a space like a kitchen, make sure they are from the same manufacturer – one company’s satin brass most likely will not be the same as another’s. It’s okay to have variation from one type of hardware to another (say your satin brass plumbing fixtures, shower door hardware and vanity hardware) – they will likely all be from different vendors but just try to keep them relatively in the same tone. Order just a single pull or knob to match up before placing an order for a whole bunch!

Here are some great options, click the images for links:

Some other more unique hardware for more furniture-like pieces or special applications like a pantry, closet or other small room:

Shagreen pulls:

Leather wrapped pulls and knobs:

Leather pulls (great for a little boys room):

Leather tabs:

Rope knobs to give a dresser a nautical feel:

Shaped drop pulls:

Photos by Michael J. Lee 

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