November 18, 2020

Gift Guides 2020: For Home

Gifts for the home are always welcome – a great game, a cozy blanket, an appliance you’ve always wanted – but with COVID around, finding ways to hang out outside with pals is also a priority (helllloooo fire pits and heaters!), so here are my picks!

Click images for links except for (9, 28, 29)

  1. I have heard MANY people rave about the Solo Stove – I’m intrigued. Is it really smokeless? If so, sign me up (also please make it in brass, thanks)
  2. I love this handmade pottery made in Minnesota.
  3. Because who ISN’T drinking more wine? This corkscrew...
  4. and wine stopper are beautiful and useful.
  5. A beautiful throw is always a good idea.
  6. Since we can’t travel to the islands, this diffuser will bring the scent to you.
  7. Original art that’s affordable and smaller (so it can fit just about anywhere) is lovely.
  8. An amazing knife set, both visually and quality-wise.
  9.  We have a few more of these handmade splatter mugs left in our shop!
  10. Are picnics making a strong comeback thanks to COVID? I think so!
  11. These travel mugs are SO chic!
  12. A cheetah picture frame? Obviously.
  13. A classic pitcher for beverages or a big bunch of flowers!
  14. A patio heater so we can keep having socially distant gatherings in the cold weather!
  15. The prettiest Connect Four set I did ever see.
  16. The special edition Joanna Gaines designed KitchenAid mixer – on sale!
  17. How darling are these storage boxes? So great for kids rooms! They come in pink too!
  18. What a gorgeous burl jewelry box – love the tassel detail.
  19. The Google Nest Hub Max will help you stay in touch with friends and family.
  20. I bought a Raku vase from this Etsy maker, and it’s gorgeous. This can be a wine chiller or utensil holder, or a vase too!
  21. These candles CRACK ME UP!!!
  22. For the person who is WFH and always on Zoom calls – this light will help them look their best.
  23. I love the idea of this monthly planner for the family- with spaces for intentions, mantras and goals for each month.
  24. Gift this adorable mini hurricane with rattan detail with your favorite votive size candle.
  25. Monogrammed notepads for all those notes you need to jot down at home!
  26. The cutest little sweater de-piller!
  27. My favorite rattan scallop frames.
  28. Signed copies of my book, only available through our holiday shop!
  29. We also have a few small carved botanical pieces from Laurel-Dawn Corner Studio on our site- they are so COOL.
  30. This is such a nice air fryer – I’m curious about these!
  31. A personalized doormat – something nice that people won’t buy for themselves.
  32. This deep green dutch oven with gold handle is SO sleek and simple, but beautiful.

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