January 27, 2021

My New House: The Dining Room Plan

Hey everyone! One of the things I am most excited about having in this new house is a formal dining room. As much as entertaining can stress me out, I love doing it, too. And not having a proper dining room previously left us very limited in how and who we could have over (COVID now the issue!).

The ceilings on our first floor are 10 feet, so this room feels super grand. I knew immediately I wanted to do a panoramic historical mural in a grisaille color tone.  I found the perfect one through The Mural Source and it became the jumping off point for the design. Not everything on this board is exactly what I’m doing, but it’s close. Deep green velvet Louis style chairs, one of my new rugs from my upcoming collection launching – we think – in June, and a GIANT, antique-inspired chandelier. I’ve also always wanted these sconces…

mural // chandelier // sconces // rug (coming in early summer) // table // side chairs // host chairs  // mirror (I’ve ALWAYS wanted this one) // buffet lamps // art (similar)

I was thinking about using an antique Directoire style table, but I can’t seem to find one that I can afford :)  So this one is a replica, but a good one. I may also design one myself.

This mural will be such a dream. Doing wallpaper like this is not cheap, nor a hands-off process. This is the mock up of the paper in the room – it’s a service that The Mural Source provides for a fee, but I believe it’s very much worth it to confirm that each wall is getting a beautiful section of the mural.

In order to get a panoramic mural right, you have to measure carefully. This is how I like to do it – take pictures of each wall and then add in as many dimensions as you can (this is a not complete version of what I sent Mural Source, but an example). You can hire your installer to do this for you too if you are too worried or don’t have time.

Here’s where we are now… awaiting basically everything (except the trim was repainted and the light fixture was installed)! The paper is here so we will install soon – I CANNOT WAIT.

This is the room when we bought the house!


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