February 5, 2021

Fashion Friday: Comfy Outfits That Aren’t Sad

There was a resounding request for some comfy outfits that AREN’T sweatsuits or workout leggings, because let’s face it- aren’t we all sick of that? I am, at least. To be honest, I have never been a big sweatsuit outside the house person. Actually, I’m pretty sure in my adult life I have never worn sweatpants outside the house.  And unless I’m working out that day and it’s a weekend, I don’t wear athletic stuff either.  Not that there is anything wrong with it, I just don’t feel myself that way.  I find skinny jeans comfortable. Call me crazy, it’s fine.

I think with COVID turning into a version of A never-ending snowday, we all may be getting a little sick of athleisure.  But we still want to be comfy because we are working from home or working in less formal environments. So here are seven outfits, all relatively comfy in my opinion, but polished too. Showing a littel effort helps your mood and productivity, so let’s sideline those sweats for a bit and get dressed.


Outfit 1: A cute puffy sleeve tee, jeans made for cold days, a cropped puffy coat, sneakers with some detail and big earrings. DONE and DONE.

Outfit 2: Pull on faux leather pants have polish but are essentially just leggings,  a cute cozy sweater, slippers disguised as loafers and some cute accecssories and you can Zoom with style.

Outfit 3: I loooooove this cool car coat situation paired with a simple white tee (my fave, comes in tall length!) and the perfect skinny jean (just bought these, wearing now and LOVE- linked HERE) and again slippers disguised as mules— fashionable and yet SUPER comfy.

Outfit 4: These flared pants are knit, so pajama in feel but not look- paired with a turtleneck sweater, Ugg boots with a little wedge and a cute faux fur vest and you’re off and running.

Outfit 5: This shirt is performance- stretchy and you can wash/dry without worry, paired with looser boyfriend jeans, cute flats and some classic jewelry it’s a look that will never look dated.

Outfit 6: You know I love a “fancy sweatshirt”- this one is awesome- wear it with white jeans (sure, you can wear them), these cool loafers made from vintage rugs and a funky statement necklace.

Outfit 7: These ARE sweatpants, but a sneaky kind! :)  Paired with a denim shirt, fun earrings and bracelets and sneakers with a tiger print tongue and no one will be the wiser.

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