August 4, 2021

Introducing The Lincoln Table

Many of you inquired about my new Huston & Company dining table I gave you a sneak peek of on Instagram, and today we get to officially launch the table – named the Lincoln Table after the “name” of my new/old house (the former owners told us that it’s known as such).  I had wanted a walnut table in the style of a French Directoire antique (but in checking 1st Dibs, actual antiques the size I needed were running $20k+- ha!)  So I reached out to Huston & Company, who I have a collection of tables with, to see if a table of this style, which is very different from my previous designs, would be something we could make together. And lo and behold – we made it happen! :)

Here is the table with the leaf, making it 120″ long x 42″ wide, but each one is built custom so you can make it any size you need.

My table closed without the 24″ leaf:

A hand painted gold edge makes this a bit more formal than other tables I’ve designed.

I wrestled with adding a medallion detail to the top of the legs – it’s an option for anyone ordering a table. Still considering adding them to mine.

Here is the table in my space (ignore the high chairs please).  The chairs are being reupholstered and I have some snazzy drapes coming too. :) It looks so perfect with the wallpaper and light fixture.

This was the inspiration document I sent them when designing the table:

And some shots of the table being made.  I love that these pieces are hand made in Maine and built to last a lifetime.

Take a peek at my other designs with Huston and reach out to them to inquire about customizing any of these tables for your own projects!

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