August 11, 2021

Some of My Amazon Faves

Amazon may be taking over the world, with a questionable leader at the helm, but let’s admit it- what would we have done this past year without Amazon deliveries? Also, there have been some really SOLID finds at great prices that just can’t be beat. Here are my essentials/ favorite purchases I wanted to share.

Click images for links.

Items left to right, top to bottom:

When my greys start showing, this is the BEST quick cover!

Yes, I have a Momeni shop on Amazon (the new rugs will be on there in the fall)- but my favorite doormat is something that is affordable enough to replace a couple times a year when it gets worn out! Classic and well made.

Clear bins help sorting toys and closet contents easier than solid bins you have to pull out to see in or label.

This stain remover really works on wine stains (and other dark stains too!)

I use both this protein powder and collagen powder in my morning smoothie (along with frozen blueberries, half a banana, juice of a lemon, milk and spinach)

OK, these CRZ yoga clothes are really amazing- I heard about them from a few influencers and am SO SO impressed. I bought all these items and LOVE them. The green top is my absolute fave- ordered in three more colors- super supportive! Size down if between sizes though!

These sunnies are LARGE, but super fun!

I bought these covers for all my outdoor furniture and they are perfect!

My new fave jammies for Emma- so stretchy and silky and comfy- love the little ruffle edges too!

We ALWAYS recommend this thick rug pad with rubber bottom- always.

These are my preferred hand weights for Peloton workouts.

This is the baby gate we use at our house- it basically disappears. But you do have to remember to lock it every time you open it!

This three pack of jersey shorts has been a Henry favorite this summer.

The masks I buy for myself and Henry on repeat- individually wrapped so easy to toss in a bag.

These are great temporary blackout or light filtering blinds for when you are waiting for window treatments to come in (so many delays!)

This fold up pool is pretty large and easy to store!

A handheld steamer is a MUST in my business- but also great for quickly steaming dresses and garments too.

These travel wine mugs keep things cool and look cute as well (I got the wood ones).

They also have tumblers with straws for iced coffee of other beverages. Simple and sleek.

This is what we make our smoothies in- SUCH easy cleanup and no need for a separate glass.

Velvet slim hangers for myself and the kids.

This diamond cleaning pen is AWESOME. I always have one to clean my rings and earrings.

I bought this MASSIVE cutting board for our island since our counters stain easier than I thought- it’s pretty and functional!

I store all our wrapping supplies in this bag/box- pockets for bags, ribbon, labels and lots of rolls of paper.

Ahhhh, the best $50 you will ever spend if you have a kid- Henry had (has– he refuses to let it go even though his knees are to his ears when he’s in it) the blue version and I got Emma the pink one and every morning she and Andrew take a “drive” with Oliver. If you drive on Route 16 in Wellesley in the morning you probably have seen them :)


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