November 1, 2021

Gift Guides 2021: For Kids & Babies

OK, we’re starting really early with gift guides this year because of the supply chain issues plaguing online ordering.  Some great finds here for kids and babies- from the indulgent (that little scooter with the basket that ships from Europe…. did I buy it? You bet I did- LOOK AT THAT BASKET) to the creative (the draw on cardboard castle sure to be a HUGE hit) to the clever (the headband with earphones built in for little kids who take headphones off!) I plan on getting “the floor is lava” rocks, I can see Henry loving those, and of course,  more kinetic sand (put several bags in an under bed size plastic container, throw in some beach toys and you’ve got an indoor sandbox!) Things we own and love: the backyard bouncy house, ball pit (Emma is obsessed), giant craft kit, and of course, my foam playmat with wander + roam.

For babies, we’ve loved our Lovery subscription, Popits, anything musical and this Radio Flyer walker is the best, even after they are walking (Henry even still plays with it from time to time!)


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