January 24, 2022

Molly’s New (Old) House: Dining Room

Back again with my plans for our dining room! This space is right off the kitchen, and is the main passageway to/from the front door, front stairs, family room and office. It’s part of the original house (built circa 1880) and is the only space that still has original windows. Also, besides the counter stools at the island, this is the main dining space, so I guess it’s kind of a hybrid breakfast nook/informal dining room.

Here’s what we were working with before:

And here’s where we are now! The rug was an Etsy find – it has the perfect (in my opinion, anyway!) shades of green and beige. I haven’t pulled the trigger on art yet, as I’m really just enjoying the wallpaper for now, but I do love this Amy H. Stone piece :)

We also had new speakers installed, along with a Sonos amp, so that we can play the Encanto soundtrack on repeat in every room on the first floor. Links for everything at the bottom of this post!

wallpaper | art | RH chairs | Sonos amp

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