February 4, 2022

Fashion Friday: Bag Roundup

I always tell myself I have enough bags, and then I’m like “wait, I really need a bag for *fill in the blank*”. I do have a couple real go-to’s though that were investments- my Hermes Evelyne (the biggest size- fits a laptop) and my Chloe Marcie Medium.  I have a lot of crap, so I can’t really do anything petite for daytime/work week.  But I did also just buy a YSL envelope clutch in beige that will go with everything after going to an actual social function and realizing all my clutches were old and gross and black. So I thought it was a good time to round up those bags, plus some others I like.

Click images except for links for A. (Hathaway Hutton’s amazing custom lined Goyards- the Scalamandre silk velvet one is SO perfect for a designer to have!) and B. This faux Hermes looking bag for under $200 in bunch of colors (use code ERIN77803 for 10% off)

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