February 23, 2022

Pretend Client: Teen Bedroom

One of our favorite procrastination hobbies at the EGD offices is creating schemes for “pretend clients”– basically, when we start pulling things together we love for no one in particular. On occasion, they make their way into real homes, but sometimes it’s just for fun. The other day the girls suggested I do one using my Kit wallpaper in the red and pale blue colorway, as it’s such a favorite but probably a little less obvious of a color combo to use it in a room. We decided this would be for a feminine, but not frilly, teenager who doesn’t like pink or purple! Above is what I pulled together, and below are the explanations of where things go and with what furniture and accessories.

The pieces I’d use in this room- hey a little scallop never hurt anyone:

Bed // Nightstands // Chest // Armchair // Bedding // Lamps // Art // Mirror // Ceiling Fixture 

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