February 16, 2022

The Only Furniture In Stock

I found this antique demi lune for a client and I still KINDA wish I had kept it myself :) Photo by Michael J. Lee

If you have tried to buy any kind of furniture or home decor recently you are aware of the insane lead times right now. Very little is actually “in stock” and even retail vendors like C&B and Pottery Barn are running 26-32 weeks for upholstered goods (I ordered a PB sleeper sofa first week of October and it’s been delayed until April 1 now). Trade vendors seems to be even worse- we have companies that are predicting 10 months to get a sofa. Plus transit time and you’re probably looking at almost a year for anything ordered today to come in.

The only options that are truly in stock? Antiques or second-hand furniture. I’ve always loved using antiques in all my work, but now it almost is out of necessity not aesthetics. And the secondhand market is on fire as well- new-ish pieces people may have tossed int he past can get them some decent money now (and is greener for the planet too). Facebook Marketplace has been a goldmine for really well priced pieces, but 1stDibs, Chairish and Etsy all have a huge selection- from super high end to quite affordable.  here is a fun round up of antiques I found this morning to inspire you and help with sourcing!  Keep in mind, dealers KNOW they are a hot commodity right now so prices may be a little higher than normal. And also expect all antique shows this year to be PACKED (Brimfield, I’m coming for you).

What’s your favorite go-to for antiques? Comment below and share the wealth! :)


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