March 18, 2022

Fashion Friday: Introducing Beauty Pie

The people from BeautyPie reached out to me recently to ask if I was interested in trying their subscription based product line, created by Marcia Kilgore who hit it big with her famous Bliss brand years ago. I had heard of them but had not tried, so I immediately said yes. Basically, they cut out all the extra costs associated with luxury skincare and beauty, allowing you to buy products made int he same places as some of your favorite high priced products (read more about their pricing transparency here).

You know me, if I didn’t truly believe in a brand or product, even if they sent me things to try for free, I would not post about them.  It’s been my rule since starting this blog. The pricing on these products is mind blowing! I’ve found some real faves I’ve reordered already.  So sign up for a membership here and use the code ERINGATESSENTME to get $10 off your first order!

Here are my Beauty Pie favorites!

  1. Both these palettes are great- the pale shades are a tad glittery so I use a more matte lighter shade for daytime and the shimmer for evening, but the other colors are all fab too. Slim little compact perfect for packing.
  2. This under eye brightener is amazing- for those REALLY tough mornings it really perks up dark circles!
  3. The Clean House candle smells like fresh laundry and is great for bedrooms where you don’t want super heavy fragrances.
  4. A smooth dark brown eyeliner that has real staying power.
  5. Since I started using this hylaronic acid serum my winter dryness is GONE. great for on top of your retinols.
  6. I rarely use liquid liner, but when I want a dramatic cat eye look, this pen is SO easy!
  7. I have this gloss is two colors- not sticky, nice and moisturizing and just a hint of color.
  8. On my second bottle of this detox shampoo– I like it better than scalp scrubs! I use it 1-2x a week when my hair feels really loaded up with dry shampoo.
  9. This cream blush is a good one- I’ve struggled to find one I like- this goes on SO easily and blends out with minimal effort. Love the Sexy Berry color.
  10. This bronzing mousse gives comparable color to other much pricier brands- I use the dark color with a light hand and it makes me look so much healthier. As with all tinted mousse- white sheets beware though! :)
  11. This body cream is DELICIOUS. Like, I want to eat it it smells so good! Rich without being greasy, I love putting it on before bed.
  12. These silk mini scrunchies are my new fave for when I wash my hair or even putting my hair in a bun as they don’t pull as much.
  13. I’ve only used this night cream for a couple weeks, but I love how this feels and moisturizes my skin at night!

*This post was sponsored by BeautyPie. All selections and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting those brands that keep EOS going.

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