April 25, 2022

Pretend Client: Julia Child’s Modern Day Kitchen

While trying to think of a blog topic today, some of the girls in the office were discussing the new HBO Max show Julia – and that, combined with own kitchen renovation, led me to think, why not make Julia my next “Pretend Client” and design an updated kitchen for her? I figured maybe Julia would be down with an induction range since it’s not only greener but also more responsive than gas (so I’m told). Also – spoiler alert – this is the exact range I’m using in my renovation, already on order- EEEEKKKK.  Secondly, I’ve been loving the resurgence of checkerboard ceramic tile backsplashes, and it just so happens my old pal and former studio-mate Jill Rosenwald just launched a collection featuring just that with AKDO! We’re going to do this pattern shown in our office kitchen here in Wellesley too. So lots of overlap here :)

I tried to pull some of the colors from Julia’s original Cambridge kitchen, as well as features like using a dining table instead of an island and using a tiny fleur de lis wallpaper in her pantry that mimics the pattern shown on the original copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking.


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