May 4, 2022

The “Coastal Grandmother” Trend

Everyone and their mother (or grandmother, more aptly) is discussing the “Coastal Grandmother” trend these days (I was asked to comment on it for Martha Stewart recently).  Born from the global adoration of the most perfect beach house of all time, Erica Barry’s home in Nancy Meyers’ Something’s Gotta Give.  But I think it’s deeper than just a pretty house- I think it’s a lifestyle people are craving- one of relaxation, simple luxuries, free time, long lunches, farmer’s markets, cold glasses of white wine and cashmere sweaters at a beach picnic. I mean, who WOULDN’T want that?

The aesthetics of “coastal grandma” center around traditional, classic pieces, neutral colors and texture. Think linen, jute, mohair, wool knits, soft prints, antique case goods and grasscloth or raffia accents.  It’s about creating a comfortable, lived in space that is light and bright and NEVER out of style.  It made me think about a project we did a couple years ago that was literally this- a beach house for a grandmother!  So I had to post it again because it’s a great example of this look. Photography by Sarah Winchester

The primary suite with motorized blackout romans and sheer drapes is actual heaven.

This might be one of my favorite shots of all time- that view!

I can so see Erica Barry staying here.

Pale blue grasscloth in the closet and custom millwork everywhere (my dad’s firm was the architect for this house as you may recall)

Also one of my most favorite bathrooms ever- small but oh so stylish!

The family room done in all pale blues and white.

The dining room has such a stunning view as well and is a mix of woven chairs, painted wood and skirted seating.

We did a facelift on the kitchen- replacing the counters and backsplash, painting the cabinetry and adding some modern but beachy counter stools.

Here are some selections

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