September 21, 2022

Pretend Client: Beth Dutton

It comes as NO surprise that today’s Pretend Client is Beth Dutton from Yellowstone. As you may have seen on my IG, I just started watching the series (started season 2). And while I am perhaps the last person on earth to do so, I must insist you allow me to be late to this party and parlay my very complicated love for the character Beth Dutton into a room design. Based on some things my employees have hinted at about future seasons, it seems Beth needs an office design that is more “her” than what she is given.  So I took her modern day edge, mixed it with some traditional western materials and gave it a go.  An office that is both moody and sleek, complete with built in bar and all the accessories for her “coping mechanism” habits :)

Up next, a Yellowstone influenced Fashion Friday eprhaps??? LOL.

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Grasscloth Wallpaper

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