November 8, 2022

Introducing Erin Gates x A Street Prints – Round 2!

Today we are launching Round 2 of my wallpaper collection with A Street Prints.

Oliver Simple Stripe in Green / Photo by Michael J. Lee

For this round, we stuck to the classics, starting with a simple stripe in Blue Heather, Navy, Green and a perfect Taupe. Our design team at EGD is always looking for a striped paper – something that adds interest but isn’t too bold, and isn’t so small that it becomes dizzying when it’s installed. I really believe the scale and delicate lines of the Oliver Simple Stripe are perfect, and they pair so beautifully with the designs from our original collection!

Oliver Simple Stripe in Navy / Photo by Jessica Delaney

Oliver Simple Stripe in Blue Heather / Photo by Michael J. Lee

While wallpaper is usually installed vertically, this can also be installed horizontally.

And don’t forget the 5th wall (AKA the ceiling)! The Oliver Simple Stripe in Blue Heather perfectly complements our Kit paper, seen here in its namesake’s nursery.

We also added an all-neutral version of our Wellesley wallpaper, featuring both warm and cool tones of taupe, beige and gray.

As I mentioned, all of these new designs complement the original collection – here’s how I would pair them!

Wellesley // Libby // Henry // Oliver

Oliver // Kit in Blue Heather // Kit in Red // Wellesley in Blue Heather

Oliver in Navy // Libby in Blue // Betsy

Oliver in Green // Henry in Green // Kit in Petal // Libby in Petal



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