January 9, 2023

Our Renovation: Primary Bath

Time is moving VERY fast these days – and my renovation kick off date is QUICKLY approaching (omg, omg, omg). We actually ended up being able to rent a house across the street from us for 5 months while the bulk of the work is getting done by my team at Cambridgeport Construction, whom we just finished a large job with and really enjoyed working with. I’ve ordered my appliances and the drawings are all pretty much done – I just have to finish up some details and get stuff ordered ASAP! As is the case with most professions, I am my own worst client.

I’m planning to document the whole process here on the blog – first with plans for each space that we’re renovating, and then with progress updates, and of course, final reveals.

For the primary bath I want it to be classic, but still interesting. I’m skewing a little warmer than I went when I renovated my current primary bath (which will now be the guest bedroom bath), and making a BIG choice of doing an aged brass tub. I’ve never had a primary bathroom with a tub before so I am going all out in my excitement. I’ve done this tub a few times in a pewter/silver finish but I wanted to mix it up a little. The vanities will be a walnut wood and either a more modern reeded style or made to look like an older chest. Jury is still out on that one. Unlacquered brass plumbing, a warm veined marble and vinyl grasscloth walls with painted trim and lower paneling round things out.

tub // plumbing fixtures // ceiling fixture // toilet room paper // medicine cabinets (similar) // sconces // vinyl grasscloth

You know I love a classic checkerboard floor, so I’m trying to source this wood grain marble to pair with whatever marble tile I go with for the shower and countertops.

Here’s the layout of the space. Basically we’re taking Andrew’s office, the current laundry and the current guest room and bath to make this larger primary suite.

Here’s the vanity wall elevation – very excited to have separate vanities and a tub overlooking our pretty back yard!

Up next – the kitchen!!!! I’m struggling a little with some items left to pick, but will update you all soon!


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