May 19, 2023

Fashion Friday: The Best White Jeans

I love white jeans, but I also hate white jeans. They are the best look with a summer sweater, cute tee or button down and so easy to dress up or down. HOWEVER- there is also the whole “coffee spill magnet” aspect of them as well as finding the right pair. Because they have to be JUST RIGHT or else they are JUST AWFUL. You know what I mean. I’ve done a lot of white denim research and I have found that the best pairs have these qualities:

  • Thicker denim, usually with only a hint of stretch so look for higher percentage of cotton and lower percentage of elastane or the like. No super stretchy thin denim please- it’s unflattering and see through.
  • I prefer a straight/ cigarette leg, a cropped wider leg or a flare/ trouser to a super tight skinny. Again, in white, it’s more flattering to not be SUPER tight anywhere.
  • Avoid dark buttons or contrast details/ embellishments- keep things as simple and tailored as possible.
  • For the love of all things- they MUST have back pockets.

Here are my favorites in a variety of price points- my personal go to’s: AG’s Mari or Prima and Veronica Beard any cut basically (they do thick denim SO well!)

If you have any favorites, comment below!

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