September 13, 2023

A Mod & Moody Library

Lately I’m into all things dark and cozy and moody…. and I saw this new wallpaper from Kravet and LOVED the palette and pattern so much I wanted to make a room around it. Click images for links except for our best-selling Ivy & Santal candle which you can buy through our shop! I have had my eye one these sculptural chairs and FWIW we did this Maiden Home sofa in their mohair for a client and a furniture doctor (it had to get down to a very tight basement) thought it was Holly Hunt, that’s how good their quality is- and they saw the guts of it!

This type of post got me thinking about posting some designs we’ve done over the years that did not make the cut, for various reasons. I think it could be interesting to share those and talk about what we loved about them and why they weren’t chosen by the clients. Yes?

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