November 8, 2023

Gift Guides 2023: For Home

Buying for someone’s home can be either simple or challenging – depends on how personal you want to get. I always think the most thoughtful gifts are unique – monogrammed linen cocktail napkins, a set of vintage glasses with a bottle of something yummy, original art or a simple plant in a gorgeous vessel.

Grouping smaller items that you know someone likes is also a great way to create a stand out gift – maybe coffee beans from a local roaster and some cute mugs, a set of pretty soaps and a vintage soap dish, or a cookbook and a set of fancy measuring cups. Here are some great finds from all price points (those with a * are not clickable but you can shop them at Gates & Co. here- candle // small painting // napkins // napkin rings )

In case you missed Monday’s post, I covered gifts for kids and teens! More to come, stay tuned!

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