January 4, 2024

Organization Faves

A clean and organized laundry in a client’s home // Photo by Kirsten Francis

Nothing makes me feel more hopeful than decluttering and organizing (or a fresh notebook I’m set to fill with lists and goals and then eventually misplace), and great supplies and tools to do that help motivate me (just like new workout clothes help motivate me – stay tuned for that post!)

I’ve rounded up some new (and old) faves – from the baskets I always pile my kids insane amounts of stuffies in, to the under vanity drawers that are a game changer and my newly implemented clear drawer divider/bins that are keeping my makeup drawers SO much cleaner.

As my new kitchen finishes up I have high “Home Edit” type dreams for that space as well. 2024 is the year I stop being a messy, unorganized person (how I am a raging perfectionist AND a mess is the mystery to solve here).

All items are clickable below except those two ADORABLE notebooks (top left) that are from Papier. (yellow // floral).

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