January 23, 2024

Sleeper Sofa Roundup

A sleeper in a guest suite lounge area of one of our projects. Photo by Kirsten Francis

After posting some pictures of my kids enjoying their playroom sleeper sofa, I got so many DM’s asking about where I got it. Mine is this Pottery Barn sleeper done in Slate performance Velvet. Since we lost our 5th “bedroom” (which was really just a small office) upstairs, we wanted to make the playroom an option for guests, so we used a sleeper sofa down there and made the half bath into a full bath. Now it’s a nice spot for guests to stay and have their own private level. Guests have said the mattress is quite comfy actually!

Things to note when buying a sleeper sofa:

  • Pay attention to the mattress dimensions listed – they may be a little smaller than standard mattresses.
  • Use sheets with shallower pockets to keep them from being baggy and loose. Try these.
  • If placing a coffee table or ottoman in front of the piece when a sofa, make sure it’s light enough for guests to move out of the way to open the bed.
  • Measure your space and place the bed in an area where, when open, people can walk around the bed easily.
  • Have a mattress topper on hand to add to the bed to make it more cushy and comfy- this is a good one.

Here are some great looking sleeper sofas – most with the ability to customize with a variety fo fabrics. All linked if you click image except #1, which is Restoration Hardware.

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