May 16, 2016

Weekend Green Thumb

On Saturday we had gorgeous weather here so I thought it was high time I got rid of the dead Christmas greenery splayed sadly in my window boxes and plant some colorful stuff for spring. A was able to do our little refresh during one of Henry’s (very quick) naps and now I feel much better about pulling into my driveway.


I wanted to compliment the chartreuse color of our front door with the plant choices- and also add a complimentary color, in this case a deep plum.  So I came up with a plan (on the fly at the plant store, but we can pretend I was as thoughtful enough to do a Photoshop layout of it beforehand):


I follow my Mom’s lead when it comes to window boxes, and not to say that these are anything special like hers, but I have learned a little from her about mixing plants and how to arrange them for the best impact.  This includes mixing tall, low and hanging plants- usually with the tall in the middle (in this case the white geraniums and grasses, arranged in the center-back section of the box), in front of that and spreading to the edges is the hanging Vinca Vine and lower purple Coleus (and I plan to add some lime colored seedums too) alternated. Of course, check the labels to see what kind of sunlight each plant needs and make sure it matches up with the kind of light your window boxes will get.

Always start with a drainage layer (I used leftover crushed stone from our patio but packing peanuts work awesome too).  Then a layer of potting soil and then I arrange the plants before actually planting them to make sure I like the way the grouping is looking.


Plant away and stick into your window boxes (ours came my favorite source, Walpole Woodworkers. It’s clearly time I bought fresh liners though (and replace my old windows so I can get rid of these yucky storms!)


Yesterday we took a trip to one of my favorite gardening spots in all of Massachusetts- Gerard’s in Lincoln right on Route 2.  It’s mecca for those who love outdoor decor and gorgeous plantings.


Expensive? Yes. But everything looks so healthy, full and lush that you can almost justify it. :)  This is also where we got the cute stone dogs on our front step!


I highly recommend you go. Bring your wallet.


So many wonderful items for decorating your garden or patio.



They also have the BEST fruit pies (no seriously, INSANE) and jams.  Also a good selection of mind-blowing succulents that look fake they are so magical.


And the hydrangea right now are BANANAS.


Head inside to see the incredible selection of home wares too- from lighting to art, pillows and accessories.


And LOTS of candelabras from my friend Stacy’s line, Dunes & Duchess! YAY!




These two huge prints of fashion soup cans were so fabulously Warhol-esque and perfect for a teen girl’s room or dressing room. Darling.



Henry LOVES flowers. He loves them so much he needs to destroy them.  Put down the $68 hydrangea Henry, mommy can’t spring for them if you want to go to college. :)


I’ll be doing a post or two in the coming weeks focusing on outdoor decor, patio furniture and accessories and maybe even some container plantings too.  As long as the kid keeps napping I can continue to work on my yard! :)

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