August 1, 2016

Art for Good

I am really excited to share this incredible site with you today (thanks to a reader who gave me the heads up about it!).  Art Lifting is a curated art site, but with a purpose.  It empowers homeless and disabled people by selling their works online (where 55% of the profits go to the artists themselves).  There are originals, prints and even cell phone cases.  Founded in Boston (yay!) by Liz Powers, a Harvard graduate who received a grant to create art groups in homeless shelters and through that saw the amazing talent of the people she was helping.  But the art they produces was tossed or forgotten- so Liz decided to start this company.  I absolutely LOVE this concept and wanted to share with you some of the work I thought was great in hopes that we can all spread the word about this resource and help get more art groups for those struggling across the country!!

Mike Gosbee creates his collages at Hospitality House which serves homeless and poverty stricken individuals in the San Francisco area. As someone who worked in collage in college I happen to think he is insanely talented!



Lindsay Abromaitis-Smith has ALS and uses her feet to paint after losing the ability to use her arms and hands to the disease.


Tim Strouss has partial paralysis from complications from a surgery, but that has not limited him from creating incredible abstract pieces.



Judi has struggled with bi-polar disorder for many years and finds success, energy and hope through painting.


Elizabeth Belstraz gives talks for the Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance.


Grace Goad was diagnosed with autism, intellectual disabilities and a speech disorder at age 2.  She is a very successful painter and has even been on The View!



Shannon’s fascinating work is also created at Hospitality House in San Francisco.


Christine Nelson experienced a stroke that limits her ability to speak and finds are to be a way to communicate without words.


Susan Brandner is currently homeless and struggles with PTSD, depression and anxiety but says that when she’s making art she is able to forget for a moment about her struggles.


Andrew Weatherly has Downs Syndrome and loves painting and photography.



David McCauley suffered an accident which left him paralyzed from the waist down and with limited use of his hands.  His photographs and paintings helped him heal.



Cameron Meek has been battling mental illness and paints at a therapeutic residential community.



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