October 25, 2016

It’s All In the Details…

I cam across this incredible Parisian real estate/ renovation and design site A+B Kasha and fell MADLY, MADLY in love with everything I saw. Of course, as with most things, the French just do it better. And that goes for architecture too. Don’t get me wrong, a love a good, old New England Greek Revival- but the details found in the old apartment buildings in Paris are hard to beat. And I adore seeing a development company like this really celebrating all the gorgeous historical millwork, hardware and small accents that really make these spaces works of art. And seeing them empty and pristine like this just shows how much potential is there for decorating!

Get ready to SQUEAL.

Look at all that detailed crown and millwork. And the FLOOR! And windows. And the LIGHT! The light in Paris is just special.

Not too shabby.


Again with the light! It’s almost absurd how special it is!


Nothing to see here, just the cutest damn doorway out to a spectacular balcony with insane ironwork. No biggie.




Can you not picture yourself making a morning coffee here? With a warm croissant? And soft jazz playing? I’m gonna go cry now…


This old mirror and stone tub brilliantly salvaged and look extra special against the freshly renovated bathroom.




NO stop I’m dying!


This makes me want to weep it’s so beautiful.


Even with light switches in a hallway are perfection.


Okay, I found something I don’t like- that weird island with the half wall. Not my cup of tea. But notice the sliding doors that can shut the kitchen off from the living room.  I think it’s nice to have things separated sometimes- I’m thinking we’re going to go back to that after all this HGTV “open floorplan” business.


Okay, not check out these built ins- looks like a fully paneled wall– but just kidding, it’s a TV and an insane amount of storage! GENIUS!


Let’s all have a moment of silence for what might be the most stunning living area I’ve ever seen.


Confirmed, this is the best ever. Of all the things.


I am honestly having heart palpitations looking at these pictures.


The simplest, most stunning kitchen vignette. Also, who has one of these stoves? they are so gorgeous but can you actually cook in the ovens? A friend wants to know….


Oh wait, more of that #mostperfectapartmentever.


What a dump.


I can feel the soft breezes and hear the sounds of the street below just looking at this! They just don’t build them like this anymore folks!


The brilliance is in the smallest of doorknobs and daintiest of trims…



Before you go click on their site to see EVEN MORE images like this and beyond be sure you have the next hour free to do so because holy design rabbit hole folks, it sucks you in!

Now, it’s almost impossible to authentically replicate this look in a home that isn’t really old and also IN PARIS,  but there are ways you can get a little bit of this feeling stateside.


Ralph Lauren Tibetan Jasmine // Antique Marble Mantel // Chevron Flooring // Millwork // Vintage Sconces // Paris Flea Market Chandelier // Salvaged French Doors // Antique Doorknob



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