February 8, 2017

Tiny Treaures

I think I’ve stated this before here, but tiny things make me lose my mind. Like, in my world, anything made miniature makes it 1,000 times as awesome. That holds especially true with art.  Tiny paintings in big frames are my jam, y’all. I’ll will buy them up like candy. Like in this room we styled- those two small abstract pieces were purchased on Etsy and custom framed– and they MAKE this image (shot my pal Michael J. Lee).  I also love how tiny art can allow you to buy original works on a small budget.  Nothing compares to original artwork- nothing.  So if you can’t afford big pieces, tiny will do just fine. Add a big mat and interesting frame and you’ve got yourself a stunner.


I also love incorporating tiny works of art into my gallery walls. It gives them so much more depth and interest.  So here is a round up of tiny  original artwork sure to blow your mind, without blowing your budget!

The pieces above were from Lauren Adams.


I am obsessed with these tiny framed pieces by antiques genius Trace Mayer called Museum Bees. I want a couple so badly for my gallery wall (not that much mroe can fit onto it but I can certainly squeeze in a couple of these!)


Look how tiny! *squeeeeeee*


These abstracted landscapes/seascapes by local painter Kate Rasche are heaven.


This artist from the Netherlands, Marleen Kleiberg, is SOOOOOO talented. I feel like a discovered a treasure!



These little abstracts are by Kate Merritt Davis from the Gregg Irby Gallery.


I adore the texture and color combinations in these still lives by Margot Dedrick. $50 each!!!!


On a particularly lovely trip to Nantucket a few years a go I bought a small work by Sharon Woods Hussey at this gallery as a memento and I love it.  So much so that I bought my Dad one of her lighthouses as a gift.



Miniature abstracts with great texture.


These landscapes from Ireland are little masters! Stunning!




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