September 17, 2018

13 Years and Counting!

Today is my 13th (!!!!!!) anniversary with Andrew. I cannot believe we’ve been together now over 15 years, but also can’t recall life before him ( well I can, but I’d rather not). So a little revisit to our wedding feels appropriate, as it always does. I am so glad that still, 13 years later, our special day looks classic.  There aren’t any glaringly obvious “trends” or choices that make me cringe at all, which is shocking — and makes me very happy.


Photos by Benedicte Verley

Even though I am SO glad I got married pre-social media/ Pinterest (OMG the PRESSURE), I still have fun thinking about how I would design a wedding today.  So that’s what I did today!  I know it’s shocking that I would pick blue as a color (insert eye roll) but I would keep it a mix of neutrals, blues and gold and a blend of traditional formality with a hint of country casual.

I love the looks of a simple and structured gown (like my actual dress) but with an off the shoulder detail.  Hides the upper arm (my least favorite part) and yet looks super elegant. With some pale blue shoes, a vintage inspired veil and some knockout earrings, I’d be all set. :)

Dress, top // Dress, bottom left // shoes (something blue) // earrings (something borrowed, of course) //  hair comb // veil

china // flatware // candlesticks // napkins 

I mean, this is imaginary so any budget constraints are OFF the table, so to speak.  Tablecloths made from Lee Jofa’s floral print and seat covers in a Schumacher stripe.  Bernadaud’s Constance china (which I would register for now if I could) and super loose/ garden style florals, perhaps in blue and white chinoiserie jars, as shown on this amazing Instagram account @cakeatelieramsterdam.

I love the feeling of a historic mansion (which we actually got married in)- like Chanel Dror’s wedding, which was pretty inspirational.

Ugh, I want a room that looks like this, thanks.

These two scenes from Putnam & Putnam events are pretty perfect too– one a little more intimate and formal, the other larger and more rustic.


For the ladies, crisp fitted button downs and MDS Stripes skirts in, of course, “Erin stripe”. :)  For the men, a grey-blue slim cut suit and simple dot tie.

skirt // earrings // suit // shirt // tie

I have such an obsession with paper goods, so the common practice of crazy detailed and layered invitations would be too tempting to pass up!

top // middle // bottom

But thankfully, I picked the right guy, and won’t have the need for another wedding :)  Andrew is my biggest cheerleader, especially in tough times, and I am so glad to have him as a partner in life. Happy anniversary honey!


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