February 20, 2019

Freshening Up Your Home’s Basics with Nordstrom.

So, I’m about to start a major Marie Kondo-esque decluttering and organizing tear (like the rest of the internet) and while I know what I’m ready to get rid of (I’m looking at you shirts, skirts and dresses I haven’t worn in over a year and mismatched water glasses) I am starting a list of what I want to restock my closets and cabinets with. It’s sort of inspiring to be able to visualize fresh, matching, gorgeous necessities (and less of the junk)– I think it’ll motivate me to kick off this fresh start (when I’m going to find the time to do this project, I’m still not sure!)  So today I partnered with Nordstrom and their rapidly expanding home and tabletop department, to round up some classics I want to freshen my home with!

Every area of my house needs help, but we’ll focus on these few spaces.  I would love to update my everyday dinnerware (ours is almost 13 years old and kind of boring) as well as glasses, some new healthy cookware, flatware and even a spicy, modern scent to burn in the living areas of the home.  I also LOVE how this Tory Burch spatterware would look with my formal Juliska dinnerware OR to dress up this Canvas Home set (yes, they carry BOTH brands now!) After returning from our most recent trip we figured out we desperately need another BIG suitcase, and I love the look fo this one with a fun leopard tag to be sure to spot it on the baggage belt!


In the bedroom, we need a fresh duvet, crisp sheets (while I love sets, Andrew refuses to sleep with a top sheet so I will either get this “European” set without top sheet- who knew that’s what it was called- or buy a flat sheet and pillowcases separately.  I am OBSESSED with this jewelry box (I need one) and have committed to keeping a simple bunch of flowers at my bedside as it really perks me up in the mornings to see something pretty and green! As for the bath, we could use some more essentials like fresh white towels, bathmats and even a new curling iron (mine is so old and on it’s last leg!)

I also fell MADLY in love with some of their kids items- specifically this toddler and twin bedding set that comes in a few colors- it’s beyond darling and a steal! And cute hooded towels is something I need for Henry as his baby ones are WAY too small for him now (waaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!)

Don’t you agree it always feels good to freshen up your basics throughout the house? The things you touch and use daily are so important and when you feel organized and like you LOVE those daily, utilitarian items it creates a sense of peace and well being.

*This post was sponsored by Nordstrom. All selections and statements are my own. Thank you for supporting those businesses and brands that keep EOS going.

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