February 22, 2021

My New House: All the Lighting!

When we bought our house I knew we were going to have to replace all the light fixtures. For our client work we use a TON (and I mean a TON) of Visual Comfort/ Circa fixtures and so I was happy to partner up with them to outfit the house with new lighting top to bottom.  So far we’ve done all the hardwired fixtures, next up is layering in floor lamps and table lamps as well – different layers of lighting is super important. I need some furniture first though :)

But it brought up a good talking point about how I pick fixtures for rooms and even adjacent rooms and whole homes. While you want each space to feel unique, you also want it to flow from one space to another nicely. I am working in some existing items I have and love (like my Bunny Williams lamp and an antique floor lamp I have), but most everything else is new.  So here are ALL the fixtures in my home, I’ve been getting lots of DM’s for sources and now they can all live in one spot:

  1. Entry Lantern
  2. Formal Living Room Sconces
  3. Family Room Chandelier
  4. Kitchen Pendants
  5. Hallway and all Stairwell Sconces (with shades)
  6. Dining Room Chandelier
  7. Family Room Bookcase Picture Lights
  8. Powder Room and Guest Bath Sconces
  9. Master Vestibule and Powder Room Vestibule Lantern
  10. Oops, me and my numbering skills at it again :)
  11. Dining Room Sconces (adding custom shades)
  12. Guest Room Ceiling Fixture
  13.  Laundry/ Office Vestibule and Master Closet Light
  14. Office Ceiling
  15. Laundry Ceiling
  16. Primary Bedroom Sconces
  17. Primary Bedroom Ceiling Fixture
  18. Primary Bath Sconces
  19. Primary Bath Ceiling
  20. Henry’s Room Sconces
  21. Kids Bath Sconces

I’m not big on matching sets for rooms – in any capacity, furniture or lighting. So while there may be a “collection” available, I tend to mix things up a little so it feels more interesting. I like to keep the finish relatively consistent – but vary the design style – so if the chandelier is really ornate, keeping the sconces a little simpler.

I also try to make sure fixtures that all exist in one room or line of sight have a mix of shades/no shades. So if using kitchen pendants that have shades, for example, I’d keep the breakfast table or dining table light something that does NOT have shades. I talk about this approach in more detail in my second book! (Shameless plug!)

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