December 27, 2023

A Midwinter Spruce up with OKA

I partnered with British brand OKA again to bring you some new (and long time) favorites to consider for any mid-winter sprucing up you may feel up to doing post holidays!  One of my favorite things they offer are these small rechargeable lamps– unlike others on the market they are SO classic looking (almost antique) and make such a great options for desks or side tables that perhaps you cannot get a corded lamp to work on (we have one on a desk in our formal living room right now).  We also have used them on dining tables in place of candles.  It creates such a cozy, homey vibe- and is quite a bit safer (that’s coming from someone who almost burned her house down from having a centerpiece go up in flames once!)

Here is a round up of some other items I love from the brand- we’ve had great success with their mirrors, decorative accessories and chairs over the years for our clients and in our own homes. I’m still having a big green moment, as you can see! Click images for links.

*This post was sponsored by OKA. Thank you for supporting brands that keep EOS going

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