April 10, 2019

An Outdoor Planter Round Up

(these pots are from Frontagte– I have one on my back patio) 

I am on the last day of my big book tour and while I am SO tired, I’m really looking forward to my Chicago events today and tonight! But itching to get home to my Henry.
Spending a little time down South, I got a BIT too accustomed to the warm weather– and began thinking about all things spring- notably, my plans for my backyard gardening and planting! So I thought I’d round up some fun planters I’ve been loving, as a nice grouping of planters is an easy way to perk up a front door, porch or patio. You can even just buy the pre-planted arrangements at hardware stores and just replant or plop the ugly pot right into a pretty one and viola! A bunch of these are on sale too!


Also, if you want to look somewhat cute while gardening, here are some supplies that are both useful and adorable!

And speaking of outdoors, a few of my new indoor/outdoor rugs are available now to buy! One is a great jute-looking diamond weave and the other is a traditional rug pattern but rendered in neutrals (grey and tan)- great for kitchen and mudrooms! All super affordable too!

OK, and I’m off!!!!


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