July 1, 2020

Baby Emma Items I’m Loving

It took me about three weeks to do this one post, but at least I did one :). As I’ve mentioned, it hasn’t been the easiest transition for us bringing baby Emma into the mix– the pandemic really is making things a lot harder on all of us, and I’m struggling a bit with PPD/ PPA. Getting back to doing little things that make me feel normal helps a little, hence this post.  A bunch of you have asked for my baby favorites, so here are the things we are using a lot right now…

  1. We got rid of our much heavier Vista and got this new, pale pink UppaBaby Cruz and I really like it so far. We’ve been using it with the bassinet for neighborhood walks and she sometimes will sleep in the bassinet in the house too. For later on I bought the BabyZen Yoyo for travel/ in the car.
  2. This faux leather stroller caddy is chic and simple and holds my coffee and hand sanitizer and masks stylishly. Wipes down easily.
  3. I HATED those strapless pumping bras I used with Henry- this one is GENIUS– clips on to whatever nursing bra you’re already wearing!!! No need to get half naked to pump.
  4. Emma LOVES her Dock A Tot (fern cover/ plain dock). We also got the Snuggle Me Organic, which is super cozy,  but I feel like she’s outgrowing it already!
  5. Simple and sweet bows.
  6. Emma and Henry both wore these open bottom gowns in the hospital when first born- great for early days with a million diaper changes.
  7. I am a little obsessed. with this brand, Lou Lou and Company. The tops and pants are ADORABLE and so soft and the tie bottom gowns are great for newborns. They also have adorable bows, headbands and hats too. New prints released often!
  8. The Nuna Pipa Lite LX car seat is the lightest on the market- a bit over 5 lbs!!! Awesome for lugging her into the doctor and such. I also like the little leather accents. Base MUST be used with this one, so not good for city living if you need one that straps into a cab or Uber with no base.
  9. Pretty sure everyone with a baby has the Shusher.
  10. A bunch of followers told me to get this Ollie swaddle and it IS awesome. I just ordered a second. So easy and really snug and inescapable!
  11. My other favorite bows. I already have too many.
  12. The best nursing bras ever.
  13. I loooooove this brand for Emma and Henry (who has sensitive skin)- smells amazing and super safe- lotion, wash and diaper cream.
  14. This carrier is stupid expensive, but makes me STUPID happy. Also, it’s very comfy to wear.
  15. Anything Pink Chicken, sign me up.
  16. I love this classic sweater– Henry has some that now are Emma’s!
  17. H&M makes the BEST onesies, hands down.
  18. My favorite little jammies– when I found out I was having a girl this was the first thing I bought.
  19. Cutest little diaper clutch– love the hot pink interior pockets.

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