September 10, 2016

Fashion Friday: A Retraction

Hi Guys-

After reading many of your comments yesterday about the brand I had blogged about I decided to pull the post down.  I never, ever want to recommend a company that has poor customer service and a sub-par product.  To be honest, I saw their site and wares and like many, were duped into thinking they were a great, budget-friendly find.  Sounds like that is not the case, and it was an important lesson to me as a blogger to always, ALWAYS do some research before posting any vendor if I do not have personal experience with them or their goods.  I’ve been trying to find more affordable things to share with you after many of you requested to see stuff at a more accessible price point- and that is where the internet becomes tricky.  There are a lot of bad companies out there with cute sites and great deals that look very enticing, but are pretty much a scam.  I would be pissed if I spend hard earned money on something that turned out to be junk, so my apologies for letting you down in this way.  I’ll stick to tried and true places like H&M, LOFT and Zara from now on. :)

Now don’t freak out if you did order something because for all the bad reviews, I’ve seen some very happy customer reviews too.  There were just too many negative personal stories in the comments for me to leave the post up.  If you have any trouble with your order or return please email me and I will do my best to help you get a resolution (sometimes the power of a larger social media following can help get resolutions fast- sad, but true).

However, I did love the outfit I had pulled together so here is a new version swapping in some goods from vendors I do have experience with!  Happy weekend readers.



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