October 25, 2019

Fashion Friday: Family Photo Shoot Outfits

We did our family photo shoot a few weeks ago with the fabulously talented Sara Grayson and I am SO thrilled with the results. As you can probably guess, this first picture will be our Christmas card this year. It’s such a wonderful shot of ALL of us (as you may know, shooting with a 3 year old is NOT easy!)

I also had gotten a few requests for how to style a family for holiday photo shoots, so I figured I’d pair my advice with a few of our own shots.

I like to pick a color and use variations of that tone for everyone in the family’s outfits. I wore a Whistles dress I bought for a shoot over the summer because it was a warm day actually and I liked the idea of the dressy/ casual angle of it with the denim jacket.

Henry looked so handsome in this J.Crew zip neck sweater and cords. Andrew loves this Relwen sweater (similar here) so much- he got it two years ago and it’s still his favorite.

Look at my little sunshine! :) Can you believe he turns four next month???

The sweetest moment…

Mom and Dad alone… a rarity!

We love him a little TOO much, If that’s possible.

Mommy’s boy :)

So I did two boards– one a casual look in all neutrals and denim- great for outdoor shoots or shooting in cool weather and won’t clash with any holiday card borders you may pick out later!   And then another one in navy/ blues (a color that looks good on SO many people and also goes with most holiday colors schemes).


Neutrals & Denim

Navy Scheme:

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