January 8, 2021

Fashion Friday: Hair Tutorial with Products!

Ok, I finally sucked it up and did an awkward “how I curl my hair” tutorial after hearing requests for it for years. It’s truly not anything magical or unique, but I hope it helps those looking for a way to quickly get loose curls.  I also linked all the products I use below– the mousse I show in the video I actually am unimpressed with, so I linked one I like better :) And I found my curling iron on SUPER sale! I may need to get me a new one- mine has to be at least 10 years old!


Of Note:

  • I looooove the Goop scalp scrub. It makes my hair feel SO clean, but it takes some getting used to.
  • The Navy Haircare shampoo and conditioner is really lovely. I think it helped with stopping my hair from shedding as much post-partum.
  • I hate the smell of the Drybar dry shampoo but it’s SUCH a good mix of a texturizer and dry shampoo, so I just suck it up.
  • The Harry Josh dryer is really pricey but it’s SO good- dried my hair so fast and comes with great attachments and clips for sectionaing

Have a great weekend everyone!

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