July 16, 2021

Fashion Friday: Jewelry Faves – Fun & Investment

A lot of you asked for a post on summer jewelry – and while I have plenty of fun, costume pieces I love for summer (earrings and necklaces specifically) I also tend to really stick with classic investment pieces too, so I thought I’d round those up as well.  Obviously, a lot of the investment pieces are from my collection with M.Flynn – I designed it that way :). I truly do wear all my pieces I have from the collection ALL. THE. TIME.

Click images for links except where noted.

EARRINGS: I love me some classic hoops, but also wear my diamond studs all the time too. Simplicity is the name of the game for me.

*Items: Cross Studs // Pearls // Diamond Studs

NECKLACES: I clearly have a thing for coin jewelry! But also love my single diamond pendant and the modern charm necklace I designed too!

*Items: Diamond Disk Pendant // Bezel Single Diamond necklace // Cross Diamond Pendant

BRACELETS & RINGS: As you know, I sold my Love bracelet after realized I hate the feeling of it and never wore it, and instead got the Just Un Clou, which I ADORE and wear constantly. If you want a Love bracelet, check out the cuff version below instead of the locking one. I also included some fun Apple Watch bands, as I now am a convert/addict? For rings, I only wear my wedding bands and engagement ring. I’m not a big “fun” ring person…. however, I do LOOOOOOOOOVE this Temple St Clair vine ring so much, and have always eyed this emerald cabochon at M. Flynn.

*Items – BRACELETS: Charm bracelet // Just Un Clou bracelet // Tiffany T bracelet // Love cuff // Diamond cuff

*Items -RINGS: Vine Ring // Cabochon ring // Heirloom band // Links band

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