July 17, 2020

Fashion Friday: Just Some Cute Summer Looks!

Photo by Anna Kanifatova from Pexels

Erin here, with some quick little summer outfits that may perk up your pandemic wardrobe. :) Now that I can shop for normal clothes again, I’ve been looking for quality pieces that are comfy but don’t make me feel like a slob. That seems to be my theme every Fashion Friday since March… LOL.

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I bought this cute tank top and it fits great and is so cute on! Also the white dress– it has POCKETS!

I also bought this green dress (but in another color) and it fits awesome and you can wear a bra with it. I alos love the look f topping this leopard silk slip dress with a sheer sweater for cooler evenings)

You know I love me some blue and white- this top is super cute but size down!


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