August 9, 2019

Fashion Friday: Looking Forward to Fall!

I know some of you will lament my excitement about fall, but while I’m not wishing summer away, I’m also SO EXCITED for fall clothes. Okay, everything fall. it’s my favorite season by miles. I am seeing a lot of fall clothing come online and already noticing trends popping up– the biggest being crocodile textured shoes and bags, straight leg jeans,  tons of animal print of all kinds and looser, cozier silhouettes. And I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT.

I also noticed a palette forming and looked back at the fall 2019 runways and sure enough, there it was. There will be SO much burnt umber, camel, deep reds, navy, pale blues and even peachy tones (particularly mixed with the umber, reds and navy).  This is a great combination because you can make your more summer pastel tones fall appropriate by mixing them with the richer tones.

Here are some amazing finds for fall you can pick up now. Of note:

*I bought the snakeskin pants from J.Crew and they are an AWESOME fit. Great with a tee and sandals now or sweater and loafers later!
*If you haven’t tried a Dudley Stephens fleece yet, nows the time to buy them as they just restocked and come fall will be hard to get.
*Get a bodysuit for layering in the fall (I love wearing one under belted sweaters and cardfigans)- but also amazing with skirts now while it’s warm.
*The Frame Le High Straight jean is such a personal favorite (top right).


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