March 5, 2021

Fashion Friday: My Current Skincare Regimen

I feel so “influencer” sharing this but I have gotten numerous requests from people over the last few weeks whenever I share a video of myself rambling nonsensically in my car :)  I am not one who has a skincare “ritual”- I’m far too busy to be able to dedicate significant time to my skin- but now that I’m 41, I’m taking it a LITTLE more seriously and investing in not only high quality products, but seeing a dermatologist as well.

Yes folks, I got a little Botox 2 weeks ago. Right between the ol’ eyebrows.  I usually only get it in my jaw muscles because I clench SO much that I shattered a filling and have struggled with TMJ since college.  If you are the same,  do not delay-DO THIS. It is LIFE changing. Jaw pain can affect your posture, your sense of well being… lots of things. Botox treatments train the masseter muscle to relax and over time, you will need fewer and fewer treatments as it becomes less active. Anyways, while there I said, go ahead, let’s knock those “11’s” out. No shame in that game. I also finally got a prescription Retinol.  After spending 6 years being pregnant/ trying to get pregnant- I finally can use a strong Retinol!!! YAY!

Other than that I hope to try some lasers soon- I have lots of sun damage from YEARS of sun bathing and being a lifeguard.  But I’m not there quiiiiiiite yet, I want to see what this Retinol does.

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I love a good exfoliant– this Skinceuticals Micro-Exfoliating Scrub (kindly sent to me by the crew at Bella Sante Wellesley) is AMAZING in texture- love it!  I also love the Tata Harper Resurfacing one.  For gentle, non-gritty cleanser I still love Tammy Fender’s Cleansing Milk (but I’m out).


I’m using a few things right now- I just got the iS Clinical Active and so far so good- I use this every other night (when not using my Retinol- which is Rx- but I also found the Drunk Elephant one to be SUPER effective). During the day I use the Skinceuticals CE Ferulic before my sunscreen and moisturizer.


For daytime I use my La Roche Posay Suncreen serum over the CE Ferulic, and then Skinceuticals Triple Lipid (recommended by my derm).  For nighttime, I use the Augustinus Bader Rich Cream.  So so expensive, but I do really like it and feel glowier when I use it. I also still love Creme de la Mer as well for winter time. I like a really thick nighttime moisturizer!


I have yet to find an eye cream I am obsessed with, and I’ve tried many. This Kiehls does the job as far as moisture goes, but I’m not wowed. So any recommendations are welcome. I do like this little retinol eye stick though! I just picked up this Dior lip scrub/ balm and it’s really nice to use before bed. It kind of dissolves into your lips and makes them feel great.


Once in a blue moon I’ll do a mask- usually the Tata Harper Resurfacing or any random sheet mask I pick up.  I also have been loving these Wander eye patches as well for a quick pick me up.  Once in a while when I’m feeling really pale and sad, I’ll add a couple drops of Tan Luxe to my nighttime moisturizer to get a healthy light glow.  I also like to use my gua sha tool in the morning for a few minutes to wake my face up.

Any faves you would like to share? Things that REALLY work for you?


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