February 7, 2020

Fashion Friday: My Everyday Beauty Routine

I got a lot of questions last week when I posted a video of myself about my makeup. I’m flattered, as I don’t think of myself as a “beauty” person at all, but thought it would be a fun opportunity to answer all your questions about what I use in one place. I have a core group of products I use- I’m not someone who has 30 eyeshadows and lipglosses. I like to keep my selection edited down (mostly due to limited vanity storage!) So here are the items I use everyday (with some commentary after the collage about what and why I like them).




I tried to clean up my skincare routine since getting pregnant. I have been devoted to my Tammy Fender cleanser for years though, and it’s totally non-toxic. It’s so good- smells amazing and doesn’t dry out your skin. Right now I’m having some skin issue right now (these girl hormones!), but typically it keeps me blemish free.  I alos love, love her Epi-peel once a week. It’s like getting a mini facial. I also started using the Goop Glow pads once a week too, they sting a little, but the results are visible the next day!  Everyone and their mother (including my dermatologist and every facialist I’ve ever seen) recommends Skinceuticals C E Ferulic for pigmentation issue and protecting the skin from free radical damage. So I use it.  I alos have starting using this gua sha tool on my face in the mornings and it’s AWESOME! Feels so good and I look way more awake after I use it.  For nighttime I use Beautycounter’s Countertime since I can’t use retinol right now- I like how it feels. For daytime, I’ve been using this Roche Posay lotion for years too– feels like a big drink of water for your face.  For undereye I’m trying this Farmacy cream and I like it! At night I use good ol’ Kiehls Avocado Eye Cream which is SO moisturizing.


Primer, Foundation & Concealer:

I just discovered this primer/ moisturizer from Bobbi and I love it for wintertime! Smells like lemons and really keeps me hydrated. For foundation I switch between it Cosmetics CC cream and Nars Sheer Glow Foundation (although nothing “sheer” about it- great coverage that is glowy- also you have to buy the pump separately which is bullsh*t…).  The CC cream I apply with fingers and the Nars I started using with a buffer brush and it does make a difference!  I am a concealer ADDICT, I always am trying new ones- but these two are lifers in my drawer- Wander Beauty’s Dual (both a thicker crayon and illuminating liquid) and the new high coverage version of Touche Eclat.


Bronzer & Blush:

I have used Bobbi’s Shimmer Brick in Bronze for maybe 10 years. OBSESSED. I get lots of “you’re glowing!” comments when I use it. For a matte bronzer I like Bobbi too– the Stonestreet color is really natural.  For blush I have two faves- new to my routine is Gucci Westman’s Baby Cheeks stick in Petal- very easy to blend and a great color.  For powder blush I love Nars Dolce Vita– I think I’m the only person on earth who does NOT like the Orgasm color.


Eyes & Lips:

I love me a good eye palette- this Tarte one has been my fave the past few months. Great selection of neutral colors in varied intensity. I just wish they’d make the pale, all over colors BIGGER as I use them up first by far. For a light, allover shimmery color I have used Stila Kitten for probably 20 years, no joke. Wakes the eyes up, especially if you use in the inner corners. For eyeliner I have always used a wet angled brush and powder liner– I don’t own a single eyeliner pencil! I got a sample of it Cosmetics mascara and I’ve been reaching for it over my others the past two weeks- it’s quite nice and really amps up lashes without clumping. Also really like this Fenty brow pencil for filling is the sparse areas of my brows from when I used to wax them into skinny sperms (WHYYYYYYYYY???) And finally, lips. I don’t wear lipstick, don’t own any. I’m a gloss or stain girl, I don’t like to play up my lips. This Lip Whip feels so good on and has a wash of sheer color. I also always have this Bobbi gloss in Nude on hand too.

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