February 9, 2024

Fashion Friday: My Skincare & Makeup Routine

I get a lot of questions about skincare and makeup on Instagram, so I thought I would put everything here in one place to reference.

I am no 16 step skincare regime gal, but I do have favorites I use consistently and I think have improved my skin as I age:



A splash of cold water and a vitamin C serum to start, followed by a light moisturizer and this tinted sunscreen I wear every single day no matter what (otherwise what’s the point of doing lasers and stuff- more on that later). I use this eye cream (expensive but lasts forever) and layer this tinted eye sunscreen over it (I’m not big on hats so sunscreen is a serious must.)


I love a good oil cleanser and this one smells like orange zest which I love. For a creamier/ milky cleanser I like this Tammy Fender one a lot too. Then I do my prescription Retin-A (if I run out I use this Drunk Elephant one that really works). I alternate nights of Retin-A and this Faded cream for discoloration which I really like too (you are not supposed to use together). Then I slather on the hideously expensive but SO GOOD Bader Rich cream and this eye cream. Once a week I may use the Dennis Gross peel pads or a stronger physical exfoliator like the Tammy Fender Epi Peel.

And every night I use my red light mask for 10 minutes. Not sure HOW much that contributes, but I think it helps somewhat.


For makeup I have a few ride or die items and then some new faves I’ve been using!

I started using a primer and it does help my makeup stay. I also have been mixing in some Saie liquid highlighter to my foundation if I’m feeling a little sallow. For foundation I am currently obsessed with the new RMS one– I have two shades as I’m in between two- 22 (paler) and 33.5 (warmer). If I self tan or get a little sun, I use 33.5 on its own. It’s clean, great coverage and doesn’t feel heavy. Concealer is where I buy a billion things to try for the perfect one- this Mercier one is fantastic to brighten and conceal and easy to toss in your purse. I like how skinny the tip is too. I always have a Cle de Peau as well, but I so preferred the old formula to the new. For drugstore brands, this one can’t be beat! I set my concealer with this brightening powder (I don’t like to powder my whole face).

The I go in with this amazing contour/ bronzing stick in Copper from Ogee I love. Just a swipe under each cheekbone, a dot on the nose and forehead too and blend with a brush. For cream blush I like the Rare Beauty one, for powder blush I’m loving RMS– it’s got some shimmer/ glow to it but not glitter. For a little glow a dab of RMS Living Luminizer. Oh, and I forgot, if I need some all over color- the Bobbi Brown Bronze Brick. Like, that’s a desert island items because I use on my eyes for shadow sometimes too.

Speaking of eyes, I do have a few “lewks” LOL, but my basic is always involving the Tarte Bloom palette and these Tillbury cream shadows that are SO gorgeous and glowy. For liner I like a cake liner best with a tight angled brush like this. You wet the brush and then it goes on super thin. For a pencil I like the Victoria Beckham one in the cocoa color. I have tried a million mascaras too, and right now love the Armani Eyes to Kill as well as the Chantecaille Longest Lash best.

For lips I just use lip gloss for the most part. If doing an event I may use a stain first (this one in Rosewood) but I have about 15 glosses in each handbag and just use whichever I pull out. Faves are this (drugstore), this for plumping and this for clear hydration treatment (so good).


OK, none of this would do much if I didn’t go see my dermatologist on a regular basis for touch ups. I’m 44 and things are going south at a faster clip than before! :) Because I have an expressive face and relatively fast metabolism from working out, my face EATS up Botox and filler so fast. Botox lasts maybe 8 weeks max on me and filler maybe 5-6 months. Granted my doctor is a girlfriend of mine so I don’t mind seeing her more often! I get Botox just between my eyebrows/ tiny bit in forehead and above my upper lip (I had a gummy smile until I discovered that trick!) For filler we do a decent amount in my cheekbones and medial face as I get very hallow/ long without it. Also some in my nasolabial folds. Recently I got a couple drops in my undereyes and I think it’s helped me look less tired. I tried my lips once, but hated it and had it dissolved immediately.

In the past year I got a full Fraxel Dual treatment that hurt like HOLY HELL (see my “Wellness” highlights for blow by blow with heinous pics), but did even out my skin a lot! I’ll probably suck it up and do it once a year. Interested in Thermage next. Because I’m a crazy person who is apparently much more afraid of aging than I thought.

So there ya have it. All the things! Any questions? Recommendations? Faves? Leave in comments!

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