March 22, 2019

Fashion Friday: Nine Spring Outfits That Won’t Break the Bank

(floral print is Schumacher Wycomb Park)

I have been shopping for outfits for my upcoming book tour and have been struggling. Even though I am willing to spend a decent chunk of change on some looks, the things I actually have been happiest with are the more affordable pieces! So as a diversion from my unsuccessful own shopping attempts, I partnered with Nordstrom today to bring you nine outfits that are stylish and on trend but also really easy to wear. A lot fo these items I sourced from their “Trend” department, which is really aimed at the younger ladies (I sound like a grandma) but have great options for those of us more in the true adult stage of life. :)


Some casual looks that are comfy but still SUPER cute. These are both completely my jam.
While I don’t feel awesome in shorts, I’d rock both these looks too. Left is more weekend wear, right is something I’d wear to meet a client.
That dressy-but-not-dressy sweet spot!
And some looks for times that require a little more glam, but with minimal effort! (I’ve been eyeing that fun dress in look nine for weeks…)

I also am super into these shoes, all under $200! Shoes are so much easier to buy than clothes!

*This post was sponsored by Nordstrom. All selections, styling and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that keep EOS going.

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