February 12, 2021

Fashion Friday: SKINNY JEANS 4 EVA!!!!

Well here we are- we made it to another Friday! COVID cases are coming down, vaccines are (hopefully) on the rise and LET’S DO THIS PEOPLE!!! :)

Bringing levity to life this week, was the rabid internet debate regarding Gen Z’s declaration that if you wear skinny jeans and part your hair on the side you are OLD. Anyone over the age of 30 pretty much recoiled in horror at this, including myself. First of all, I have seen what Gen Z wears and NO THANKS.  Probably the most hideous styles I’ve seen since living through the late 80’s early 90’s when we did it first.  And now it’s come out that they are drawing dark circles under their eyes because they think it looks COOL? Granted, I’m sure this is what my mom thought/thinks of jeans with holes in them (“why PAY for jeans with holes in them? It’s crazy!”) but come ON. Dark circles? Ladies, you gotta earn those, and when you do, you’ll pay lots of money to find products that get rid/conceal of them.

Anyways, back to skinny jeans. While I own a few bootcut pairs still, I never wear them because for them to look right and not drag on the ground (remember the rolled, stained, dirty gross hems of the ones we used to wear?) you have to wear heels or heeled boots. And let’s be honest, I’m not wearing those often these days. Mom jeans? Nope.  Big loose boyfriend jeans? Nope. Flares? NOPE. Just NO. As I said yesterday on IG, you will have to pry my skinnies off my cold, dead corpse.

So here is a round up of my favorite skinny jeans, as well as some other favorites from people I trust :) Click images for links!

P.S. I almost exclusively wear AG Jeans right now- cycling between the Prima, which is a very slim mid-rise cigarette, the Farrah which is a high rise skinny (but not CRAZY high rise) and the Legging, which is more mid-rise super skinny (perfect with tall boots).  They just fit me perfectly, stretch without having too much stretch and don’t bag out. They also have some great washes (the more expensive the better, unfortunately). Big fan.

And as far as the side part goes- I’m trying out a slightly off center part to mix it up with my side part, but I am all about the side part. Trends don’t determine your part, your FACE does.  Whatever suite the shape of your face is how you should wear your hair.  Me personally, I’m all about making sure my hair is on a postpartum recovery plan and taking care of it best I can.  My personal routine for haircare below:

Have a great weekend everyone!

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