June 4, 2021

Fashion Friday: Summer Shoes- To Heel or Not to Heel?

I’ve been pulling my spring and summer shoes and clothes out of storage and BOY did I donate and sell a lot of stuff last year pre-pregnancy/move/pandemic! I realized I really need to stock up on some new summer shoes! Last night Andrew and I went out for dinner and I wore HEELS, like real HIIIIGH heels and it felt… great! Am I alone in having missed wearing heels? Are you excited to go “out” again and wear some or are you happy to continue living in flats and comfy clothes? Or maybe somewhere in the middle?

So today I rounded up some summer shoes by category, for every possible approach to heel height this post-pandemic season! Click image for link!

“Comfort Will Reign For the Rest of My Days”

“I Might Consider Something With a SLIGHT Heel”


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