October 9, 2020

Fashion Friday: The Fancy Sweatshirt

OUTFIT 1: Sweatshirt // Scarf // Leggings // Booties // Earrings

OUTFIT 2: Sweatshirt // Jeans // Flats // Earrings

Lately I have been ALLLLLLLL about being comfy, like many of you.  It’s one of the bonuses of the pandemic/ work from home situation we find ourselves in these days. But I am not one to wear gym clothes all day, it doesn;t make me feel great about myself. I prefer to look slightly put together WHILE being comfy.  So I kind of live in what I like to call “fancy sweatshirts”, jeans and flats.  I know Champion and other 90’s staple sweatshirts are back in fashion thanks to the “VSCO girl” style (I have no idea what that is, I just know it’s a thing and it involved big sweatshirts), but these are sweatshirts for grown ass ladies. :) Above are two outfits that illustrate the idea (I’m actually wearing a combo of these right now) and below are a bunch of great options- from pricier “high fashion” to Target.

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