December 12, 2023

Favorite 2023 Purchases

A random selection of some of my (and others in my office) favorite purchases this year. Allclickable except those linked below in text!

  • Mango tweed jackets are AMAZING – the price, the fit – they look so Chanel-esque. I have three versions now.
  • This book was one I did NOT expect to like but in fact LOVED.
  • Molly and Ashley say this hair serum is actually worth the hype. Am trying.
  • I love the Ogee contour stick in Copper for very subtle, glowy definition or even as a bronzer.
  • I bought this bath salt in BULK.
  • Biased? Probably. But our new Dorset collection is SO DAMN GOOD. Especially this one.
  • Eliza says this is the BEST sweater shaver and I believer her. On order.
  • While I love a Stanley, they spill. These Owala bottles have a straw built in and come in the best colors. Also bought them for my kids.
  • You KNOW I love Charlotte Tillbury cream shadow- a MUST rebuy every year- in Omber Gold and Oyster Pearl.
  • I mostly wear Santal 33 like the rest of the world it seems, but smelled this Nette perfume in Coco Fleur in Sephora and loved the rich warmth (also that it’s clean)
  • Another great concealer I tried and liked.
  • Eliza also says that this natural deodorant is the best she’s tried (and she’s tried them all).
  • My bestie swore up and down this was the best eyeliner and so I finally got it it. She was right.
  • I’ve taken Armra daily for the last 6-8 months and have not gotten sick (other than a minor cold) the entire time. Is this why? Not sure but it seems to be doing something.
  • Bought this cheap gloss on a whim and then bought again because I liked it so much.
  • Another EG product, but truly one of my favorite throws I’ve ever used/ styled with!
  • My tub. It’s THE BEST. So deep, narrow but not too narrow.
  • These jeans are stupid expensive but I constantly get compliments on them.
  • Veronica Beard flats are the perfect cut. Come in tons of colors.
  • This reversible belt was such a hero in my wardrobe this year!
  • This is the BEST for smoothies. Way better than the fancy ones.
  • I eat a lot of protein bars on the go, and these are my new fave- they are very clean and this flavor tastes SO good.
  • These Quince sweaters are the best!
  • My favorite phone case, bought again when I got the new iPhone.
  • These Studio McGee Target ottomans were such a steal! We used them in my house, on two shoots – they come in a few fabrics and are SO GOOD for the price!
  • I’ve swapped all my undies out for these Cosabella thongs. So much better than HP.
  • Our Santal candle– my fave candle of the year.

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