July 1, 2019

Favorite Powder Room Wallpapers

Room by Michelle Smith

One of the places in the home my clients are the most apt to really venture out of their comfort zone is the powder room. It’s scary to make a big bet on a larger room, so the powder room is a place people seem to go bigger and bolder. I like to think of it was the “gateway room” to making braver more interesting decisions in design.  Also, since it’s a small room, it’s easier to use more costly items like wallpaper!  I honestly don;t think I can recall a powder room I HAVEN’T wallpapered in the last 10 years- at least in a solid grasscloth :)

I personally am itching to redo my TEENY powder room with some thing even bolder than what we have now, which is this David Hicks paper below (not my design, but one I am LOVING with that gorgeous vanity!)

Since there is no where in my home I can get my scenic chinoiserie fix in, I’m thinking the tiny powder room is exactly where to do it. Going really bold and busy in  a tiny room help it to feel a bit bigger as it softens the corners and edges of the space and tricks the eye a bit.

We did this in a project where the powder room was actually even smaller than mine and it was SUCH a victory.

Photo by Michael J. Lee

So here is a round up of some of my favorite wallpapers for powder rooms.  It’s such a great way to add SERIOUS style to your home.

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