March 18, 2024

Gates & Co. Spring Collection is Now Available!

Easter and Passover are only a few short weeks away, so we wanted to launch Part 1 of our spring collection a bit early, to make sure you have all you need for your holiday gathering tabletops.

We’re so excited to launch these wavy embroidered linen napkins in neutral and olive. They work so well with our horn napkin rings, Espalier Block Print Tablecloth, and Kavya Rose tablecloth. Can’t go wrong mixing and matching with these!  

This large, scalloped rattan tray is SO GOOD. As you know, I love woven baskets and trays. This one is so pretty and has added utility, with deep sides and super sturdy handles. It’s perfect for schlepping around household items or corralling miscellaneous items on your ottoman or coffee table.

I’m always picking up little bowls and trays to stash jewelry, decorative soaps, matchboxes, etc., so I added these little horn bowls (featured here with the small (20mm) Bente hoops, medium (30mm) Bente hoops, and Abuja bracelet) and trays to the collection (shown here with our Verdure Vase #1). 

We’re also super excited to share that Tessa Brown sourced vintage frames for a few of her original landscapes for us, and they are now available!

Part 2 of our spring launch will include more exclusive marbled paper picture frames, intaglios in fresh colors, new artwork, a restock of our favorite Verdure vases, and more! 

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