November 30, 2020

Gift Guides 2020: Gratitude For Service & Childcare Professionals

This year has been one in which I for one, have become WAY more aware of how crucial, essential and insanely wonderful all the service professionals are in my life– from the UPS drivers, mail carriers, babysitters, baristas and of course, teachers.  So many of us relied so heavily on them for staying employed, sane, in touch and healthy.  SO be sure to thank them this. year with a little something if you can- a token of appreciation, or cash (most appreciated, I know, but not an option for everyone).

Here are some sweet little gifts for those who help you keep going day in and day out.

  1. A nice mug to keep drinks hot this winter is always welcome- from the doorman to the delivery person.
  2. MilkBar is SO good- treat someone to their goodies.
  3. A warm hat– who doesn’t need one?
  4. Attractive little pocket hand sanitizers– maybe paired with some gloves….
  5. like these!
  6.  A bottle of red, a bottle of white– like Billy Joel sang. In a cute tote!
  7. This olive oil is a beautiful object AND yummy to have on hand!
  8. SALTED peppermint bark. OMG yes.
  9. This cutting board is SO gorgeous and yet affordable.
  10. These freeze and bake croissants are so so so good.
  11. This puffy scarf has little pockets for dog treats and poop bags!
  12. This cracked me up– holds a treat on your phone to get dogs to look at the camera.
  13. *These candles neutralize pet odor, help calm your pet AND the company donates to rescue groups! WIN WIN WIN.
  14. *This coffee company also supports rescue efforts… pair with a cute mug!
  15. *Like this one!
  16. Battery powered heated mittens for those really cold days!
  17. A cute personalized notebook.
  18. A lovely luxury candle.
  19. A little spa box of scrubs and other goodies (pair with a candle for at at home “spa day”).
  20. *This necklace is made of chocolate and it’s hilarious and awesome.
  21. These labels absolutely CRACK me up!
  22. A cute lunchbox for bringing their lunch to school- put a giftcard inside to a local lunch spot!
  23. *A mug with a very sweet message- pair with a coffee gift card.
  24. A nice little tree for their desk.
  25. A monogrammed pouch for pens, pencils… whatever!
  26. (Forgot to number) Cute pom pom slippers for when they get home–or while Zoom teaching!


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